Travel with us & show your 'branders' your lifestyle 'branding'

I dunno about you: but its all in the details of how you live your life... right? Everyone is all over social media dishing out their lives, their cool lives in all those foreign travels... well, here we are to help you with just that. 

Boho Bunnie and Rox & Sophia are on their way around the World, touring with heart full of spirit, rocking it on stage & bringing brands, like yours, to the main act. 

What you receive

High-Res photos shot in RAW, simply edited for your sharing purposes. Wether that be print or social media, we hand over a contract so we are all on the same page: you own the rights to do what you like as long as you don't alter the photographs in anyway. You receive a styled shoot without the headache for hair, makeup, travel or the expense of hiring other warm bodies to receive quality, fun & lifestyle photos. 

You receive tags, obviously, on social media with no limit to posts. 

Blog thread of the story of your brand and our time together (how fun!)

All images of the shoot edited. This could mean 30-100 shots depending on the brand/situation. 

What we ask for

Whatever you give us will always be paired, prepared & styled the way we see your brand fitting in with us. We ask that you don't process any of the images and we would like to be tagged. 

@roxandsophia / @bohobunnie 


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Germany Oktoberfest 

with White Crow Brand

Joshua Tree 2017

Austria 2016

Belvedere Castle with Shop Tobi

Joshua Tree 2017


Vienna Lifestyle photography Ashley Marie Myers Boho Bunnie Belvedere Castle-52.jpg

Las Vegas 2017